Vote of no confidence passed in Amoako-Nuama-led GIMPA Council

GIMPA AmoakoNuama

Staff and faculty of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) have passed a vote of no confidence in the governing council of the tertiary institute.

According to the senior to junior members of the school, the Council should be dissolved immediately.

They claim the chair of the Council, Dr Christiana Amoako-Nuama, a former Minister of Education, lacks the competence and integrity, to lead the institute to higher heights.

They have, therefore, petitioned President John Dramani Mahama for their demand to be met.

The staff and faculty are accusing Dr Amoako-Nuama of a number of infractions, some committed to meet personal interests.

“Dr Christina Amoako-Nuamah interferes unduly in many administrative issues in GIMPA even to the point of determining which office some administrative assistants of the Institute should be posted,” they said at a press conference on Tuesday, July 5.

They cited how she failed to issue an appointment letter to a recommended candidate for Registrar of the Institute, which had operated for four years without one.

“Council set up another search committee in February 2016 to recruit a person to fill the position of Rector which becomes vacant in September 2016.

“The search committee submitted its report to Council in June 2016. Council has as at Tuesday, 5th July 2016 not taken a decision on the recommended candidate.

“Reliable information available to staff and faculty indicates that the Council chair labelled the recommended candidate a litigant and unsuitable for the position.

“Considering that these search committees require substantial financial resources to complete such searches, failure to provide acceptable reasons for rejecting their recommendations amount to wanton dissipation of GIMPA’s financial resources.

“Thus far, hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis have already been spent by these two search committees.”

The staff and faculty simply want a new Council constituted “to stem the decline in GIMPA’s reputation across the country and sub-region.”


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