Wearing tattered jeans gets you closer to poverty – KKD


Ace broadcaster Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) says wearing tattered clothes which has been the trend of some young Ghanaians and across the world makes one too close to the reality of the poor.

Tattered jeans has become one of the popular trend of fashion lately with most young people wearing clothing that are ripped in one way or the other. Some jeans are originally tattered whilst others are done intentionally.

KKD who is known for his good sense of fashion made it clear, in an interview with TV3, that he wasn’t a fan of tattered clothing and believes wearing them makes you no different from the poor.

“I have never liked wearing tattered clothing and that style of clothing is called grunge

“For me grunge is too close to the reality of the poor and when you are not poor or when you have not been raised to see yourself as poor, to make that conscious effort to look as though you are poor I think has something that has steep in the psychology of people that I don’t understand.

“Human beings are generally aspirational so if you want to make a statement with your tattered clothing then that’s fine but that’s not for me.

“It’s never been a trend and one of my favorite designers of all time Giorgio Armani also talks about the fact that he sees young people can make it look attractive but this whole concept of grunge growing up the way he did and the way he saw poor people who had nothing to wear but tattered clothing, he doesn’t think it’s something that people should make as a choice.

“It is something you do as a necessity but that choice to look as though you have nothing to wear when you have actually spent maybe a $1000 to buy something that makes you looking like nothing to wear for me is a bit confounding”.

Story by Nana Afrane Asante

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