You cannot send an intern to go and buy food for you – Nana Aba Anamoah

In Ghanaian workplaces, it’s a common practice for interns to handle errands, such as purchasing food for the staff. Unfortunately, this often results in interns missing the valuable learning experiences they anticipated during their internships.
During an interview on 3Music TV, Nana Aba Anamoah firmly asserted her position, stating that she does not allow staff to turn interns into their food buyers.

“Liberation is an absolutely great thing and I’ve heard people say ‘oh this generation they’ve had it easy, they come one two months and they want to be stars. They want the easy way out.’ Why not? The fact that we struggled 10, 15 years ago doesn’t mean that they should be struggling  now.

Nana Aba underscored her commitment to supporting the younger generation, “You got into it because you want to make life better for this generation. And so when I was a news editor and general manger for instance,I would always have issues with a staff who’d disrespect an intern. And it was a rule ‘you cannot send an intern to go and buy food for you’. The fact that you were buying food for somebody 5 years ago doesn’t mean they should buy food.” 

Recalling her time as a young newsreader at TV3, Nana Aba Anamoah shared her experience.

“When I went to TV3 as a young person reading the news, no, you’ll not dare tell me to go and buy you food. I saw others going to buy kenkey for senior reporters and news editors . No, I won’t do it because in my house my father doesn’t even send me to buy anything. My mom won’t send me to go out and buy something so who are you to tell me to go and buy you waakye? I will not go. I will simply not go.

She continued, “And if you realize that I am going to buy something for somebody then it means that I’ve found an opportunity and I’m very opportunistic.I like to use people , positively. For instance somebody like Emma Morrison. Emma had something that I loved and it was always my ambition that I want to be better than Emma. I want to take up Emma’s slot.” Nana Aba added that she would regularly approach Emma, asking if she needed anything or if she was hungry.

“It was deliberate, I was being an opportunist,” she emphasized. Yet, she acknowledged that this approach led people to conclude she was disrespectful, and she remained indifferent to their opinions.
Nana Aba advised that senior staff, instead of making young ones serve and suffer, should actively contribute to building their careers and talents.

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