Yvonne Nelson relaunches Heels & Sneakers TV series on YouTube

After seven years of launching the Heels and Sneakers drama series on TV, actress Yvonne Nelson’s YN Productions has relaunched the series on YouTube with a captivating plot twist.

The series which was halted a few years ago after it showed on major TV stations in Ghana and Nigeria, returned in July 2023 on YouTube with more suspense and cliffhangers that will grip the audience and leave them in anticipation of the next episode.

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The show follows the lives of students on and off campus, relationships, fears, challenges, peer pressure and a touch of comedy which makes the show more relatable to the youth than other shows. It can also be viewed on demand at the comfort of the audience.

“Heels & Sneakers is YN Productions’ first series and I couldn’t be more proud of it, considering the efforts we put into the production. For us, it is to create a long-lasting platform to unearth new talents for our movie industry,” said Yvonne Nelson.

“I am extremely happy the fans once again have the opportunity to watch it every weekend on my YouTube channel. I will encourage everyone to subscribe to the Yvonne Nelson (@yvonnenelsongh) channel on YouTube and get to see it,” she added.

The cast of the drama series includes Andrea Owusu, Regina Van-Helvert, Belinda Dzattah, Matilda Owusu, and Yvonne Nelson representing the women in heels. Cyril Sackeyfio, Ian Wordi, Fritz Johnson, Sultan Robert, Jason El-Agha, and Joshua Menson make up the men in sneakers. New episodes are released every Friday and Sunday.

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