_“Now that you have arrested her _will you breast her child” says DKB over Akuapem Polo’s conviction

The Ghanaian Comedian took to Instagram on igtv to state how hurt and saddened he is by the recent developments surrounding Akuapem Polo’s arrest and conviction.

Stating that Ghanaians will go to any extent to bring another Ghanaian down.

DKB blames and blasts child protection rights, stating the irony of child protection agencies who are to protect children welfare are about to send a single mother to jail and they are unconcerned about the trauma this will cause Akuapem’s little boy.

He passionately hinted absurdity of the situation stating how a charitable organization like a child protection agency lack common charity.

DKB clearly emphasizes that jail term is extreme and proposed that, a better punishment for Akuapem Polo would be community service or pay a fine.

“There’s no joy in taking a child from the mother” he says

He concludes with the need for the #mercyforAkuapemPolo hashtag campaign to support Akuapem polo.

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