Actor Akrobeto beats top journalists to earn Professor Emeritus title

Kumawood Actor Akwasi Boadi aka Akrobeto is now Professor Emeritus in journalism according to UTV.

In a new skit to promote UTV’s Real News hosted by the actor, Akrobeto is said to have worked with international media giants like Aljazeera, BBC and VOA.

The skit says Akrobeto has risen through baccalaureate degree to Masters, PHD to professor and that’s why the International Journalists Association (IJA), in collaboration with Despite Media Group have recognized his enormous contribution to the public sphere of broadcasting and are proud to celebrate him.

Henceforth, Akrobeto will now be addressed as Professor Emeritus Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto.

Funny enough, the end of the skit shows that the actor was dreaming.

He therefore encouraged the viewers to always dream big and work towards achieving them.

Watch the skit

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