Aowin Traditional leaders demand investigation into attempts to assassinate paramount chief

The chiefs and elders of the Aowin traditional area of the Western North Region are calling on the government to take immediate action to address alleged assassination attempts made on the life of the Aowin Paramount Chief, Beyeeman Tano Kwaw Benbuin III.

The traditional leaders at a press conference on February 22 said there have been countless assassination attempts on the life of the paramount chief all of which were reported to the police in the area but no action was taken to investigate them.

Tuffohene of Aowin, Nana Panin II underscored the need for the police in the area to collaborate and coexist with residents to ensure law and order and also the safety of the people in the area.

Speaking at the press conference, Nana Panin II stressed that “without the police, peace, and order cannot prevail in the Aowin area and without the people, there will be no work for the police to do and therefore we need to know how to coexist but when our complaints get to the police and they don’t give it the maximum attention, it makes us lose the trust and confidence we have in the police which shouldn’t be the case.”

He explained that the leaders and the community have nothing against the police but their handling of cases reported to them leaves much to be desired and asked that the police increased their visibility in the area to enhance security.

“We don’t have any chieftaincy problem with the police but their management and handling of crime relating to chieftaincy is what is causing the perceived conflict between us and the police. The police need to ensure that there is visible policing and they have to know that the Omanhene at the palace needs protection.”