Buipe: Driver arrested for busing irate youth to police station

A driver has been arrested by the Damongo police in connection with disturbances that led to the shooting of one person on Monday, January 16, in Damongo in the Savannah Region.

This follows the arrest of eight other people in Buipe for their role in the destruction of the houses of some non-indigenes at Mande, a suburb of Buipe.

The driver reportedly drove some protesters to the police station on Monday to demand the release of their colleagues.

The youth burnt and pulled down houses in protest against an alleged enskinment of a non-indigene as chief of the suburb.

Though calm has returned to the Savannah regional capital after the protesting youth besieged the Damongo police station and the Palace of the Yagbonwura to demand the release of the arrested persons, the youth say the worse may happen if reports of plans by the police to arrest the national PRO of the Gonja Land youth association is carried through.

Yakubu Jaaga, the Youth Chief of the Damongo Traditional area said arresting the PRO will escalate the issue again.

“We are calling for peace, so there is no need in arresting our PRO. Immediately they [Police] arrest the PRO, they will escalate the whole issue,” Mr Jaaga said.