Catholics Bishops Conference calls for reduction in size of government

The Ghana Catholics Bishops Conference has urged the government to set an example in burden-sharing by cutting down on its expenditure amid the economic crisis.

“The size of government and leadership in State Owned Enterprises (SOE) should be significantly reduced,” the group said in a statement following its Annual Plenary Assembly.

It added that a strong sign of commitment would be to reduce the size of presidential and ministerial convoys.

“There should be an aggressive approach to acting on the recommendations of the Auditor General’s Reports, which are replete with cases of misappropriation, mismanagement and actual thievery,” the Ghana Catholics Bishops Conference added.

The group further called on Ghanaians to stand up to corruption.

“We call on all Catholics, especially those in politics and public service, to lead this crusade against corruption,” it said.

“Our interactions reveal that Ghanaians are getting angry, frustrated and disappointed. This anger is growing and is expressed through booing at government officials, demonstrations, open insults, etc. An urgent action must be taken to douse the anger and frustration of the people,” it added.