CSSPS corruption probe: Allow internal auditor access to system – MoE

A six-member committee set up by the Ministry of Education to probe allegations of corruption during the placement of 2021 BECE graduates into Senior High schools has recommended that an internal auditor be given access to monitor the placement system.

As part of the recommendations, the Ministry of Education also stated that there should be more education for parents and students as well as on the considerations that go into the placement of students.

The ministry also recommended that there should be a follow-up on the case of attempted bribery pending with the police and the perpetrators prosecuted if possible.

The report by the Ministry disclosed that after interviewing 14 persons linked to the placement system, the committee also recommended the system should always be audited before the data is archived. The committee added that those who have access to place students should be given strict instructions for compliance on their dos and don’ts.

The mandate of the six-member committee was to investigate every activity connected to the placement system after it was rocked with corruption allegations.

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