Dr. Sam Ankrah writes: The voters’ dilemma

For the best part of 4 years, after electing their governments into office, Ghanaians soon, regrettably find themselves expressing rage and despair over the unfortunate state of affairs in the country – situations that the change of leadership was supposed to avert.

From the viewpoint of most voters, this is a cyclical phenomenon, perpetrated and perpetuated by the two main political regimes—the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP)– as they take turns to rape and run down the state, and then turn around to accuse each other of the very ills they are themselves guilty of.

The situation is further exacerbated by either year-round squabbling and shallow arguments or blind defence of the wrongdoings of party fellows.

These occur each passing day of the year, irrespective of which of the two main parties is at the helm of affairs.

This state of affairs has more often than not, driven a section of the public too long for the ousting of the two main ruling parties and their replacement by a non-NDC/NPP Government.

In effect, the public may be utterly enraged to the point of clogging the airwaves with unending clamour, even from party faithful of the ruling regime, but as the months, weeks and days close in towards election day, the tensions and euphoria generated by the 2 main feuding parties press the electorates to cling more to ‘Identity’ rather than to the essentials they had clamoured about, over the preceding 4 years.

As Einstein puts it “only an insane person can expect different results from doing and repeating the same thing.”

Changing to what we desire, deserve and expect will not fall like manna from the sky. It requires an introspective review of self, society and country.

It requires strength and a sense of purpose. We need to embark on a paradigm shift to establish the foundation and build real meaningful change. The transformational change that we must have to propel Ghana to a new, equitable, just, truly independent and self-sustainable republic.

The alternative is scary, retrogressive and destructive. Neither a military coup de’tat nor a violent revolution by the tired, ignored and unjustly treated youth or masses is the solution.

We must usher in the change we want, pray for, yearn for and stand for. The time is now! The movement is now! And the moment is now! Enough is Enough! Now is the time for real change.

#EnoughisEnough #Voteforhope24