Ghana showbiz industry full of occult and evil people – Funny Face claims (+VIDEOS)

Comedic actor Funny Face has made some serious allegations that the Ghanaian showbiz industry is full of occult and evil people just like the late actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko said.

He made the claims in a video he posted on his Instagram page.

Over the last few weeks, Funny Face has been ranting about many things, throwing accusations against his colleagues Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win, Bismark the Joke and Kalybos.

He has also revealed that the mother of his twin girls, Ella and Bella, had run away with the kids and he blamed it on Lil Win who he said encouraged the lady to take that step.

Yesterday, Funny Face posted a number of videos demanding that the lady bring the children back to him.

According to him, the children have a chance at a better future with him than with her because she doesn’t have a job and cannot afford their care.

He claimed that the love he has for children was gradually waning and the lady would one day watch his videos and cry.

In another video, Funny Face stated that he was ready to fight for the custody of his children and this time it would be bloody.

In the third video, he hit out at those criticising him for putting his issues on social media, saying he doesn’t need their advice and they can unfollow him if they didn’t like what he was doing.

He revealed that when he gains custody of his children, he would delete all his social media accounts because he wouldn’t care about anyone any longer.

In the last video which was released around 11:30p.m last night, Funny Face said Bishop Bernard Nyarko was right to say that the Ghanaian showbiz industry is full of occult and evil people and when you refused to go by their rules, they plan to take you out.

He claimed that they were using his kids to rake him out so that he would misbehave.

He further gave the mother of his kids one week to bring the children else he will do his worst.

watch the videos below

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