Ghanaians are their own enemies: lady based in Kuwait shares sad story of how her friend got her deported

Jamila Muftau, a young Ghanaian lady who traveled to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for greener pastures has shared her ordeal.

In an exclusive interview with Dr Ray of, Jamila revealed that about 80 per cent of the negative things people say about Arabian countries are lies indicating that Ghanaians are their own enemies.

According to her, she lived in Saudi Arabia for seven months before she fell sick and came back to Ghana for treatment. She added that throughout her 7-month stay in Saudi Arabia as a house maid, she never had any problem with her boss provided that she did her job accordingly.

Jamila indicated that after treating herself with some herbal medicines, she traveled to Kuwait and that is how she met a friend who masterminded her deportation.

She said the friend, who she helped by offering her a place to live, connived with her landlord, got her sacked from the house and that is how she ended up being deported to Ghana.

Watch the sad story of Jamila below

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