Greater Accra NDC petitions FEC over Secretary, deputy’s misconduct

The Greater Accra Regional Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has petitioned the party’s Functional Executive Committee (FEC) over what it describes as the misconduct of the Greater Accra Regional General Secretary, Theophilus Tetteh Chaie and his deputy Patricia Addy.

In a petition sighted by Citi News, it stated that the regional secretary and his deputy have refused to work together with other executives in the day-to-day running of the party at the regional level.

Below are the details of the petition:


12TH JANUARY, 2023



Dear Sir,
The undersigned are all Executives of the Regional Executive Committee of our great Party in Greater Accra, and write to officially complain about the unruly conduct of the Regional Secretary, Theophilus Tetteh Chaie, and his deputy, Patricia Addy, for remedial actions to be taken before the inevitable happens.

The Regional Secretary and his deputy have installed themselves as demigods and repository of all knowledge who, everybody must bow to and worship at their feet. In the absence of this divisive conduct, then they would not cooperate with any Executive of the Region, thereby holding the entire Regional Executive Committee to ransom.

Prior to the National Congress, at a meeting to consider names to be co-opted onto the Regional Executive Committee, the Regional Secretary did not cooperate with other Executives because his preferred choice did not prevail. In instances where his views did not prevail at meetings, he failed to discharge his administrative duties to implement decisions of the Regional Executive Committee. He would then call Constituency Executives and incite them against the Regional Executive Committee, a practice he has perfected.

The Regional Secretary and his deputy have become a law onto themselves such that they take decisions and engage in acts in the name of the Regional Party without recourse to the Regional Executive Committee. A classical case in point was how the Regional Secretary, without the knowledge of the Regional Executive Committee, used the official letterhead of the Region to write for the issuance of visa to an individual and presented same as though it was the decision of the Regional Executive Committee to engage in visa racketeering. This dubious act has brought the name of the Party into disrepute at the embassy.

There are also uninvestigated claims of the Regional Secretary and his deputy using the name of the Party to solicit funds, either in cash or kind, for their personal use, and using the Party’s Regional letterhead to write appreciation letters to donors. An act that has caused the Regional Chairman to instruct all Regional Executives to direct financiers who approach them for donations to the Regional Executive Committee. Sensing that his source of raising funds would probably be blocked, the Regional Secretary angrily kicked against this directive and in a reaction, nearly poked the Regional Chairman’s eye with his hand at a meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

A day to the National Congress, the Regional Secretary and his deputy disregarded other Executives including the Regional Chairman, by refusing to answer countless phone calls to attend a meeting at the Stadium to discuss distribution of accreditation cards to delegates. Though he was present at the Stadium, he shrugged off calls on him to attend the meeting. An incident that forced the Regional Chairman himself to go for the accreditations for distribution.

The Deputy Regional Secretary, who at the time was heavily drunk, engaged in a brawl with the Regional Chairman’s driver in a bid to take custody of the accreditations. When she was unsuccessful, she verbally assaulted the Regional Chairman in the full glare of Executives from other Regions. As if that was not enough, she sent an audio recording to a WhatsApp platform of Constituency Secretaries to denigrate the Regional Chairman. A committee has been constituted by the Regional Executive Committee to investigate her.

What broke the camel’s back was the Regional Secretary’s usual egoistic behaviour at our regional meeting of Tuesday, January 10, 2023, where the Regional Chairman suggested that, the Regional Administrator should be allowed into our meetings to take minutes for final proofreading by the Regional Secretary before it would be tabled for discussion. The Regional Chairman’s suggestion was against the backdrop of the fact that, both the Regional Secretary and his deputy have in almost all cases struggled to make minutes available for our meetings. This practice was common in the past administration where meetings were held without minutes of previous meetings. The Regional Secretary kicked against this suggestion on account that the Regional Chairman was seeking to take his job away from him, and in an unconscionable manner, shouted at the Regional Chairman and other Regional Executives who disagreed with him.

The Regional Secretary and his deputy walked out of a regional meeting of Tuesday, January 10, 2023 after he kicked against discussion of half year program for the various wings, i.e the Women’s Wing, Youth Wing and Zongo Caucus. His contention was that it was not the duty of the Regional Organizer to instruct the wings to submit their programs for discussion; rather, the programs should have been submitted to him for perusal before he would submit it for discussion at our meeting. When the Regional Chairman insisted that we should go ahead with the discussion, he and his deputy angrily stormed out of the meeting.

In the process, he refused to sign two letters the Regional Executive Committee had agreed last year to be written to the Parliamentary Caucus and members of a committee constituted to investigate the unruly behavior of the deputy Regional Secretary. In the face of the refusal, the Regional Chairman asked him to make two copies of the regional letterhead available for signatory to the two letters he had failed to sign to be changed. He refused and sat in his car in an attempt to drive out. Crestfallen by the Regional Secretary and his deputy’s disregard for other Executives, Hon Nii Laryea asked the security not to open the gate for him until he made the letterheads available since the letterhead was not his heirloom. He got out of his car in a fit of rage to forcefully push Hon Nii Laryea and in the ensuing melee, he fell.
These and many other conducts of the Regional Secretary and his deputy which they have carried from the previous administration to this new administration, is impeding progress of the Party in the Region and we believe if immediate steps are not taken to bring them to book, they will cause us irreparable damage going into 2024. It cannot be the case that the Regional Secretary and his deputy were the only pious executives in the previous administration and all others were wrong, and in this new administration too, they are again ‘Mr. and Mrs. Right’ and other Executives are wrong.

Yours Sincerely,
…all signed electronically…
Nii Ashie Moore – Chairman
William Vinyo-Vice Chairman
Anthony Nukpenu- Organizer
Gambo Abdullai Zam-Atu – Deputy Organizer
Felicia Mekpoi Bortey – Women Organizer
Jessica Braimah – Deputy Women Organizer
Evelyn Dodzi Dzeketey- Deputy Women Organizer
Amos Blessing Amorse – Youth Organizer
Gideon Hammond – deputy Youth Organizer
Mohammed Juda – deputy Youth Organizer
Jerry Johnson – Communication Officer
Simon Kweku Tettey – Deputy Communication Officer
Sumaila Horoya Ali – Zongo Caucus Coordinator
Mohammed Norgah – Treasurer
Kennedy Hedoe – deputy Treasurer
Nii Okai Laryea – Co-opted Member
Delphina Jones (Mrs) Co-opted Member