Group calls for the removal of Blakk Rasta from radio (Read Details)

A group calling itself Progressive Organization for Women’s Advancement (POWA), has called for the removal of Blakk Rasta from radio following another unguarded comment made about Victoria Lakshmi Hamah.

The musician and radio presenter described Victoria Hamah, a former Minister of Communication as “Sickle Cell Brain-Diseased” person after she threatened to sue him.

If you would recall, Blakk Rasta mentioned Vicky’s name in a post on Facebook by the President of Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, who inquired how he can use the right means to get $1m.

This infuriated the former minster to issue the court threat—but Blakk replied by tagging her with the disease which has made tempers rise.

In a statement, POWA condemned his actions while calling on authorities to penalize Blakk Rasta.

“POWA in no uncertain terms considers the discriminatory use of sickle cells disease as an abusive attack on Victoria Lakshmi Hamah by Blakk Rasta as insensitive and an affront to persons living and suffering from the sickle cells disease. His comment clearly demonstrates his overly callous and inhumane view of people living with the sickle cells disease,” part of the statement read.

Read the full statement below.

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