Hiring Songwriters doesn’t Make You Less of A Musician – Adina

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian songstress, Adina Thembi Ndamse better known as Adina, has thrown weight on the discussion of the significance of songwriting and its role in the music business.

According to her, all contributors to a song during the creative process should be properly acknowledged when it comes to splitting royalties.

Speaking in an interview with Elsie Lamar on GhanaWeb TV, the “Take Care Of You” hitmaker said that she thinks all people who contribute to a song should be given credit and financial compensation for their work.

“I work with a lot of songwriters. Sometimes there’s somebody in the room when we are doing the song who will probably say, “let’s put this there”. That person is still recognized when we are doing the split sheets.

“If anybody contributes to a song, they should be given props. And then when it’s royalties, they also get some money or whatever it is because they put in work,” she said.

In response to the common misconception that artistes who don’t write their songs aren’t artistes, Adina cited well-known global performers like Beyoncé, who also collaborate with songwriters.

She stressed that the act of songwriting should not diminish one’s identity as an artiste.

“People need to be educated that it’s normal. Songwriting doesn’t mean if you don’t write your songs, you’re not an artiste. We all have different gifts.

“Someone’s own is to play the beats. Someone’s own is to sing. Someone’s own is to write. Some people can write and sing, great, but it doesn’t make one person better than the other. We all have our unique gifts that God gave us,” she added.

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