National Theatre workers demand removal of Executive Director over mismanagement

Some staff of the National Theatre are demanding the immediate removal of their Executive Director, Amy Frimpong, over claims of mismanagement and a lack of worker promotions for the past 12 years.

The workers, who spoke to Citi News accused the Executive Directors of misappropriating funds, and failing to maintain the facility.

Mismatched Seats and Non-Functioning Air Conditioners

On Wednesday morning, Novem 8, it was noticed that some seats had been replaced with mismatched “foreign” chairs.

Some event organizers seen at the facility who were busily setting the stage for a programme mentioned issues with non-functioning air conditioners.

The facility has seen no significant facelift in the past 30 years of its construction.

The workers expressed their discontent by wearing red and tying red cloth to the building while hoping to present a petition to management by the end of the day.

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