I strategically had the beef with Eno just to hype her and have fun – Medikal confesses

Following his beef with female rapper, Eno Barony some months ago, Medikal has revealed he strategically did so just hype the former and have fun.

Speaking in an interview with Rev. Erskine on Y107.9FM, the AMG rapper stated that he holds no grudges with Eno.

“On Twitter, I was just bored so I was having fun. It was nothing personal, just me trying to have fun and trying to bring attention on her, trying to put light on her and let people know that she’s actually very good,” he said.

The popular rapper admitted how talented Eno Barony is.

Medikal answered in affirmative when talking about the possibility of working on a song with the rap goddess.

“Everything is possible in this universe. I can’t say anything right now but obviously, as we are in this world and we can never predict tomorrow, it is possible that we can record songs together,” he stated.

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