“I wanted to commit suicide” – Cee of Mentor Fame narrates life story

Ghanaian Gospel artist Cee, also known as Cynthia Appiah-Kubi, recently shared that she almost attempted suicide due to hurtful comments about her looks and life struggles.

She opened up about this while talking about her tough childhood in Kumasi, Ghana. Cee gained fame in Ghana through the TV3 Mentor reality show, and her journey had both highs and lows.

In a heartfelt interview with Dennis Bentil, Cee revealed the emotional struggles she faced, recounting instances where she was mocked for her appearance by her own cousins and others. Sharing a particularly hurtful encounter, she explained, “There was a man who told me I was very ugly and that day I was hurt and I cried. Even my cousins would tell me I was ugly that’s why men didn’t like me, I wanted to commit suicide.”

Cee went on to detail the profound impact of the harsh treatment she endured, including severe beatings from her aunties that left her with ongoing back problems. She emphasized the emotional toll, saying,”My aunties will beat me severely and because of that I currently have a problem with my Back. I don’t have a normal skin and you can fell that when you touch my back. At a point I event wanted to take my life because the pain was just too much for me to bear. I never knew I could become like this, God had a purpose for my life.”

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