Inadequate logistics hampering enforcement of fisheries laws – NGO



The Natural Resources Governance Coordinator of environmental NGO, Friends of the Nation, Solomon Kusi Amporful says inadequate logistics is undermining the enforcement of the Fisheries laws.

The government set up the Fisheries Enforcement Unit to enforce the laws on fishing. This has become necessary as fishermen continue to use unorthodox means to fish.

Fishermen have resorted to the use of light fishing, monofilament nets and DDT among others. They claimed oil rigs are having a toll on their business because the fish have now moved to where the rigs are and they are not allowed to go near those places.

The EU has accused Ghana of engaging in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activities. It warns that unless some corrective measures are quickly affected, tuna imports from Ghana risk being banned.

But speaking on Midday News on 3FM, 92.7, Solomon Kusi Amporful was hopeful if the enforcement units are well resourced, the problem will be dealt with.

He is advocating for a stronger presence of the law enforcers at the landing sites to check the fishermen before they set off on their expeditions. He also called for enough logistics to enable them monitor them at sea as well.

The Friends of the Nation Natural Resources Governance Coordinator indicated that there are about 12,000 artisanal canoes along the 500 km coastline of Ghana. The ideal number according to research is nine thousand. This, he believes, is the result of overfishing and depletion of fish stock. He believes if the Fisheries laws are successfully enforced, it will be a win-win situation for both the enforcers and the fishermen.


By Shirley Ewurama Smith /3FM, 92.7/

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