Invest in your souls, not your bodies – Celestine Donkor cautions females

Amid the increasing trend of body enhancements, Gospel singer Celestine Donkor has advised women to prioritize investing in their souls rather than splurging on achieving a desired physique. Speaking on DayBreak Hitz on HitzFM with Doreen Avio, she emphasized the importance of nurturing the soul over focusing solely on physical appearance.

“Personally, if I have 40,000 or 50,000 to work on my body, I’d invest in my soul because this body will perish one day” she remarked.

Donkor emphasized the transient nature of the physical body, stressing that regardless of how well-maintained it is, it will eventually return to the earth. She expressed concern over the disparity between the emphasis on outward beauty and the neglect of inner well-being. Donkor cautioned against prioritizing physical appearance at the expense of spiritual health, noting that the soul is eternal while the body is temporary.

“The one that’ll not die is your soul. So, we spend much in looking good and our soul looks really terrible. If you have a perfect combination of the two, praise Jesus for you but to invest so much in looking good, appearing good and your soul is dying is really a sad thing to happen to a human being because the worthless creature after death is the human body . Even goats , when they die they have value because we use them in our soups. They actually have value.

“But the human body, the moment we die, they no longer address us by our name . They call us body,”she explained.

However, she added that if surgery or body enhancement is necessary for life-saving reasons, she would recommend it. But if it’s solely for cosmetic purposes and not a matter of life or death, she deems it unnecessary.

Drawing from her own experience, she mentioned undergoing surgery during childbirth, emphasizing that it was necessary at the time.

“If your health is not at risk , you’re not in danger because of your weight , there’s a way you can manage and diet and walk and be in shape, go for that one,”she advised.

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