Kofi Kinaata Advises Colleagues Not to Make Music Out of Every Social Issue

Musician Kofi Kinaata advises fellow artists to be careful when addressing sensitive social issues in their music.

Speaking on Asaase Radio with Caroline Sampson, Kinaata emphasized the importance of thoughtfulness and restraint when addressing contentious topics. He stressed the need for artists to have experience and discretion in deciding which subjects to tackle, cautioning against delving into issues like LGBTQ rights and religion without a thorough understanding.

Kinaata highlighted the responsibility of artists to avoid sparking controversy or offense unintentionally and suggested maintaining boundaries and exercising restraint to prevent unnecessary discord. He emphasized that artists should recognize the limitations of their understanding and refrain from expressing opinions on matters they may not fully grasp.

“For you to put out songs as artists it has to first click in your head, having experience is also a contributing factor. The longer you are an artist the more you realise that there are some topics that you need to keep your opinion to yourself.”

“Some artists feel that because they are musicians their opinions need to be heard always and sometimes they don’t know the details of a situation on the ground and when they share their opinion you will realise it doesn’t make sense. So these are some boundaries that we must get. Some people want to talk about everything, including LGBTQ and religion but religion is a sensitive topic, so we all need to get this sense. So we don’t get in trouble,” he said.
The ‘Susuka’ hitmaker is now promoting his new song called ‘Effiakuma Brokenheart’.

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