KGL Foundation spreads love in Tamale

KGL Foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to bringing lasting and positive change in the lives of underserved and disadvantaged communities and individuals, celebrated Valentine’s Day by organizing a special food bank dubbed ‘Spread the Love’ for the people of Tamale.

The event, which took place on Saturday 18th February 2023 at the Tamale Regional Library drew a massive crowd filling the event area, with varieties of food and drinks shared and also had the likes of local artistes; Wizchild and Don Sigli, gracing the occasion with the communities’ favourite songs.

Speaking at the event, CEO of KGL Foundation, Mr. Elliot Dadey said, ‘Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and kindness to those around us. We wanted to do something special this year to show our community that they are loved and supported, even during these challenging times. We hope that this event will not only provide much-needed food items, but also bring some joy and happiness to those who may be struggling.’

Also speaking at the event was the Programs Manager of the Foundation Mr. Nii Annorbah-Sarpei, who reiterated the need for social inclusion in all aspects of the development of communities and individuals.

“Our commitment to the community has never been stronger. We will continue to work tirelessly to support families (communities) in need, and we are grateful for the ongoing support of our volunteers, donors and community partners.”

Speaking to dignitaries and opinion leaders from the Tamale municipality, Mr. Elliot Dadey stated that the Foundation is committed to achieving a healthy, innovative, and self-sufficient Ghanaian society, with the goal of providing self-development and improvement opportunities to every marginalized community in Ghana, allowing them to be the architects of their own dreams.

He went on to say that development in Ghana is often limited to the southern regions, but our dream of a stronger nation should include the whole of Ghana and creating relevant impact should be the country’s most significant resource; the youth, whose full potential is yet to be realized. He concluded by adding that many difficulties still exist in the country, but that if they are addressed together, a stronger and more inclusive Ghana may be realized.


The KGL Foundation is a corporate social responsibility initiative set up on behalf of the KGL Group. The Foundation focuses on youth empowerment, arts & culture and health & sports and believes in working in synergy, collaborating across multiple sectors with diverse change-makers as the key to achieving a high level of impact, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity for the communities they come into contact with. Their approach is to collaborate, innovate and empower all local grassroots organizers working in these areas, ensuring they have the resources to improve and safeguard their own communities.

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