Kuami Eugene has a communication problem, we’re disappointed in his statement – DopeNation

Ghanaian music duo, DopeNation say they are disappointed in their former label mate Kuami Eugene for his comments about their exit from Lynx Entertainment.

In a recent interview, Kuami Eugene said he was happy the twins have left the record label.

He jokingly said he was happy because now things that were shared among four people would now be shared by just KiDi and him.

However, DopeNation didn’t find that statement funny and in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the duo said someone informed them about what Kuami Eugene said.

The duo, made up of Michael Boafo aka B2 and and Tony Boafo known as Twist, said Kuami Eugene had a communication problem.

DopeNation also disclosed that Kuami Eugene called to ask for a collaboration after they left Lynx Entertainment.

Watch the video below:

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