LISTEN: DJ Lord OTB serves the Hottest Afrobeats Hits with his ‘Detty December Mix’

DJ Lord OTB, Ghana’s DJ of the Year, has responded to the demands of his ardent followers and listeners by introducing a brand-new mix series called ‘Detty December Mix.’ This mixtape, which is well-timed for the holiday season, promises to be a musical trip through some of the best Afrobeat tunes, with an emphasis on the lively sounds of Ghana and Nigeria and the catchy
beats of Amapiano.

DJ Lord OTB’s ‘Detty December Mix’ is a dynamic audio experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home as December unfolds and the holiday spirit takes hold. The mixtape expertly combines classic and contemporary Afrobeat tracks to create a smooth flow that perfectly embodies joy.

Afrobeats fans can expect a wide range of songs that have ruled the charts and dance floors, giving them a complete picture of the genre. From timeless hits to the newest chart-toppers, DJ Lord OTB makes sure the mix is a lively exhibition of musical variety.
The Detty December Mix is a carefully curated mix that aims to enhance the holiday vibe, not merely a list of songs. DJ Lord OTB’s mix promises to provide the energy and rhythm required to make this December truly “detty,” whether you’re throwing a party, traveling, or just seeking a musical getaway.

DJ Lord OTB, who is well-known for his skill in creating dynamic mixes and sensing the mood of the crowd, brings his best to the “Detty December Mix.”

With its ability to evoke strong feelings and create lasting memories, the ‘Detty December Mix’ is destined to become a staple backdrop for festivities this holiday season. Afrobeat is infectious, so get ready to dance, sing along, and enjoy DJ Lord OTB’s musical spectacular.

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