Ghana’s female comedians lack confidence – Jacinta

While one can count a good number of male comedians in Ghana, you can count the females on one hand and still have some fingers left.

And because comedy is male-dominated here, comedienne Jacinta reveals that females need a lot of confidence to break through.

According to the talented Jacinta, the reason the country can boast of few female comedians is because they lack confidence.

“It is presumed that comedy is for men and women are not cut for it so once you decide to be a comedian, you are seen in some way. I didn’t get it easy starting my career and I still get comments about why a beautiful girl like me has decided to ‘fool’.

“I was very passionate about comedy and never cared about whatever anyone said. I needed to break through and in doing that, I had to build my confidence and today I am proud of what I have become. I never allowed whatever anyone said to bring me down.

“You don’t have to listen to negative comments if you are focused on something,” she told the Graphic Showbiz in an interview.

Jacinta, who headlined her shows One Night Stand last year and Woman On Top in October this year, added that female comediennes can, however, up their game by starting with the small gigs and then move to the bigger ones when they build their self-esteem.

“I have featured a few females on my show a couple of times and what I realised is that they lacked self-confidence. Maybe, the stage was too much for them but they can start from the pubs, weddings and then move unto the main stage with time.

“When you are so confident, you can even turn a joke which is not too funny into a side-splitting one. The boldness with which you would coin your joke will make the fans fall for it”, she disclosed.

In addition to that, she also divulged that a lot of research needs to be done if one wants to succeed as a comedian. “Repeating jokes is not the best and to stay on top of your game, you need to research trending issues and get new jokes to always blow the minds of your audience. Light entertainment is not an easy task, especially if you want to be on top, “she said.

The graduate of the Pentecost University College who featured in Yvonne Nelson’s movies Heels and Sneakers and Selfie was born Jacinta Asi Ocansey. She has performed at top comedy shows in Ghana and Nigeria. These include Comedy Night with Buchi (Lagos), Shakara and the Gang (Lagos), Comedy Express, Girltalk, Laughline, Live Comedy Thursdays, Lord of the Ribs, Easter Comedy Show, DKB Live, DKB Point of View, Akwaaba UK Comedy Night, Comedy Bar, Silverbird Comedy Night, Corporate Comedy Series, MMC Live among others.

Some of the awards she has to her credit are Most Influential Student Comedian, Most Popular Student and Most Entertaining Student at the Ghana Tertiary Awards (2016).


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