‘Mallams and Pastors’ is finally here


mallams and pastors

Globe Productions’ much anticipated stage play Mallams and Pastors is set to take place at the Accra International Conference Center this weekend.

Mallams and Pastors is a play that seeks to educate people about the negative impact of some mallams and pastors in the Ghanaian society.

There have been concerns about some mallams and pastors tarnishing the image of the good ones and making people lose faith in them. This drama is also intended to help release stress.

The growing interest of people and the positive impact of Globe Productions’ plays on them have necessitated and motivated the drama company and its playwright Latif Abubakar to continue with the tri-annual plays.

Mallams and Pastors follows the story of a power drunk presidential candidate struggling to manage the stress of winning political power and overturning a deadly prophecy by a powerful man of God.

The play promises to teach the audience how to identify the symptoms of stress, how to prevent stress, the unhealthy and the healthy ways of managing stress.

Come watch Lilwin as Mallam and Funny Face as Pastor live at the Accra International Conference Centre on the 11th and 12th of June, 2016.

Two shows will show 4pm and 8pm respectively at GH¢ 60 per show.

Mallams and Pastors is brought to you by Globe Productions in partnership with 3FM 92.7MHz.

By Nana Afrane Asante|3news.com|Ghana

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