Medical exposed over fake Rolex Watch

German blog known as “Munich Wristbusters” has exposed Medical on his Fake Rolex watch, They captioned;

“With a fake Rolex Datejust. His watch is far too high for an original Datejust. In addition, the bezel is clearly too wide and the notches are far too pronounced. The crown of the watch is not in no way similar to that of an original one.

The rapper who still insisted the watch is real and claims to have bought it a very expensive price,

Stated he may have been duped by the person who sold it to him.

Medical who is often associated with showing off his wealth to the public and even in some occasions openly bragging has blasted all those who do not have money like him and yet trolling him.

The rapper further responded by saying;

“if who I am and everything I have is fake then I never want to know what real is”.

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