Only foolish women send nudes to their partners – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha has stated strongly that any woman who for one reason or the other, sends naked photos of herself to her boyfriend is a fool.

Advising women on the Adwen show on eTV Ghana, Kumchacha said we live in a very dangerous world and for that matter, no woman should trust a man so much to the point of sending her nude pictures to him.

“Even if your man loves you to heaven and back, never send him a naked picture of yourself. The world has become dangerous so if you don’t take care, the least problem you two have, you will see your naked pictures all over,” he counseled.

Citing an example, Kumchacha mentioned one government official whose girlfriend recorded him in a video call and later leaked the video.

“There are even people who record normal phone calls and when the last argument comes they can disgrace you so you should know that the world we live in now, has become very dangerous,” Prophet Kumchacha stated.

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