Our music industry is not in a good place – R2Bees’ Manager laments

Manager for R2Bees, Ike Otoo Arhin, has added his voice to the ongoing discussions surrounding the recent “Play Ghana” initiative championed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Addressing these issues on the New Day show on TV3, Ike Otoo Arhin acknowledged the decline of the Ghana music industry in the global space.

He said, the introduction of technology in the form of streaming platforms was supposed to be beneficial but ended up giving users the freedom to consume foreign music; a situation that has led to the decline of Ghanaian music.

“Let us understand that our music is not in a good place, so everybody, including ordinary people and not stakeholders, needs to understand that. If you go to other countries, you come back with an appreciation for our music.

“As the world develops, technology brought a saviour to African music in the form of streaming, so it means that we are spoiled for choice, but as we use these platforms, there is a lot of foreign influence. So our music has to be in a position whereby it can sink in,” he said.

Ike Otoo Arhin further argued that Ghanaian songs are good enough to compete in the global space but stated that these songs need the right investment to ensure that happens.

“But that is difficult because the money is not there to push these songs. That is why we need to consciously pick up these songs. The songs are good but we are constantly spoiled for choice. That’s why we need to consciously promote these songs.

“Suppose the music is doing well. It feeds everyone, including painters, and carpenters. We are complaining that there are no jobs, but If we push our music we will create jobs for thousands,” he said.

Recently, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture launched a “Play Ghana” initiative aimed at encouraging more Ghanaian songs played on radio, bars, and events.

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