Stay away from tramadol, glue and eat healthy – Black Prophet to the youth

Ghanaian artiste, Black Prophet, has admonished the youth to make their health a priority and stay away from anything that could be injurious to them.

He advised the youth to stay away from drugs, especially tramadol, and the sniffing of glue that has become prevalent in society, adding that it has negative implications for the health of individuals.

Black Prophet called on the leaders of the nation to put in place good measures that will help alleviate the plights of the youth so they do not go astray from societal norms.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu programme aired by UTV and monitored by GhanaWeb, Black Prophet urged the youth to desist from indulging themselves in drugs and other uncouth acts that could jeopardize their health.

When Abeiku Santana asked Black Prophet to share some messages with his fans, he retorted, “I would say peace and love to all m fans out there. Stay positive; stay away from tramadol, glue, and all those who do drugs in town. Eat healthy, be careful of what comes out of your mouth and what goes inside as well and stay positive. The leaders must also stay awake and don’t let the youth fall astray. More life and strength to everybody out there.”

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