Pastor Agyemang Elvis Commissions 3 School Blocks in Oti Region

Head Pastor of Grace Mountain and Chief Alpharian, Pastor Agyemang Elvis, spearheaded an initiative alongside the Alpha Humanitarian projects, commissioning three school blocks in the Aglakope and Korlekope communities within the Oti Region.

In Aglakope, two new school blocks were established, while one was inaugurated in Korlekope, respectively.

Before this intervention, the schools were constructed partially from mud, lacking cemented floors, and students from kindergarten to class four were all crowded into one classroom.

Church members from Grace Mountain, along with members of the community, volunteered to assist in erecting these school buildings.

In a heartfelt post on Facebook, Pastor Agyemang Elvis shared how deeply moved he was by the plight of these students.

“When I sent a close companion on missions to the Oti Region, he preached around but sent me videos of their school facilities. My heart was broken. I quickly called him back, and we started discussing what could be done about it. Probably, God sent him there for this purpose. It looked impossible.

“I discussed with a few people how we can come together and help, of which one of them suggested it was not necessary. I ignored this counsel because he has his children in a good school in Accra. I made up my mind that I would start if I were unable to finish them, then perhaps another institution could easily complete it.

“But here we are. What we started has been completed by God’s grace. Three school blocks for two communities – Aglakope and Korlekope all in the Oti Region.

Moved by the community’s response, Pastor Agyemang Elvis continued, “What touched my heart was when the community joined in to get the work done quickly for their children. Now children will be glad to go to school, and teachers who are posted there to teach will not run from the assignment because of lack of proper facilities.”

Looking ahead, Pastor Agyemang Elvis expressed his anticipation for future projects, stating, “The next project to be commissioned is the school in Ablekuma. I can’t wait to dedicate the Ablekuma school project also, which is in progress. I pray the Lord gives us the grace to do more…”

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