People Have to Be Locked Up, Some Have to Be Shot – Reggie Rockstone on the State of the Economy

Hip-life artist Reggie Rockstone has advocated for a bold approach to address Ghana’s and Africa’s economic challenges, attributing them to severe neocolonialism and imperialism.

During a recent appearance on the Unkut Show hosted by rapper D-Black, Rockstone suggested a more drastic solution, advocating for the imprisonment and even execution of those responsible for the economic crisis, particularly those leading extravagant lifestyles at the expense of the population.

Expressing frustration with the political landscape, he emphasized the need for substantial change.

“Africa on the whole is moving sideways, Ghana is not doing too good, and I don’t want to hear no NPP and NDC,” Rockstone remarked.

“What would I change? Everything! They need to lock some people up. You could begin with that; that’s a deterrent. That’s the only way, black people; that’s how we rock. Especially we Africans, You’ve got to show them.Lock some folks up; some people have got to be shot,” he continued.

“In saying this, it might sound too drastic to you but do you realize how many people poverty kills? And you’ve got folks out here living the life; folks out here living lavish. Listen when somebody dies because they cannot afford hospital treatment that’s murder,” Rockstone argued passionately.

He further highlighted the gravity of poverty-related deaths and criticized the distraction of music and entertainment from pressing societal issues, urging a shift in focus towards matters of importance.

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