I feel sad for the president- Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Founder and head pastor of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has firmly stated his disinterest in pursuing the presidency, emphasizing his contentment with his current role. Speaking to Berla Mundi on The Day Show, he expressed empathy for President Akufo-Addo, highlighting the immense pressure and headaches associated with the position.

“I feel sad for the President, it’s headache. There’s pressure. I’m happy to be the President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, nobody is going to elect me. I am not going to be begging anybody for votes. I speak my mind and I’m free. I don’t have to be careful with what I am going to say because people will not vote for me. I speak the mind of God,” he said.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by the president, particularly regarding the Anti-LGBTQI bill, he acknowledged the complexity of the situation.

“As we speak today, look at what the President is going through. He has a bill to sign. It is difficult for him, on one side, he is a married man, on one side, he is a father and on the natural side, he is a man of tradition who believes in progression but because of international politics,” he said.

Despite initially pursuing a career in diplomacy, Dr. Tetteh finds fulfillment in his ministry and feels blessed to be serving God.

“I was supposed to be a career diplomat. I specialized in International Relations and have the chance to lecture the course in many universities around the globe but I must be honest with you, what I do today is satisfying. There is fulfillment in what I preach. I am happy with where I am and I also thank God that one thing that inspires me is that despite all the things I have faced in life, I still found him,” he added.

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