Mr Logic Exposes Visa Breakthrough Trend Among Ghanaian Artists

Popular entertainment pundit and music talent manager, Mr Logic, has opened up on a concerning trend among local artists, highlighting that they often view obtaining visas as their ultimate breakthrough.

However, once they secure these visas, they tend to cease collaboration with their producers, neglecting the efforts that went into their success.

Speaking to Blakk Rasta on 3FM, Mr Logic emphasized a lack of appreciation among Ghanaian artists for the hard work of their producers. He recounted an incident where an artist he managed abruptly ended their collaboration after obtaining a UK visa, which effectively terminated their deal.

Expressing his thoughts, Mr. Logic stated, “I think cross breeds understand how to appreciate the efforts that music executives put in the talent.”

Referring to his recently signed artist, Monique Spence, known as Mo Spence, Mr. Logic expressed confidence, stating that Mo Spence will not let him down. He added, “Because she’s seen it all. She does not need a visa to go abroad and say since I’ve got a visa to America I’m not working with you again. That’s what our people do. The last artist I worked with got a visa to UK and that’s it.”

When prompted to name specific artists, Mr. Logic refrained from doing so, stating, “…there’s a lot of them if I should put the names out there it’s more as if you’re attacking them but this is what we go through. Once they get visas, it’s like a life breakthrough and you don’t hear of them anymore.”

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