Prophet Nigel Gaisie explains why he buried sword as the foundation of his church

Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has given reasons why he buried a sword as the foundation of his church.

During one of exposes on ‘fake’ pastors, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong said Prophet Nigel Gaisie buried a sword under his church building before it was completed.

In his quest to explain why he did that, Prophet Nigel Gaisie took to his Facebook page saying that faith defies logic and as such tokens and symbols are synonymous with the prophetic and the fact that people doubt it does not mean it’s powerless.

The man of God gave some Bible quotations to prove that burying a sword as the foundation of his church was neither a sin nor occultism.

He ended the post by thanking one Papa Ofori Atta for gracing his church during the sword ceremony which happened about two years ago.

Read his full post below:
Faith defies logic as such Tokens and Symbols are synonymous with the prophetic
The fact that you doubt it doesn’t mean it’s powerless
Here are some tokens and what it stands for and why we use them especially as a top notch prophetic church.
God’s Word is symbolized by a SWORD: “It is sharper than any two-edged sword and cuts as deep as the place where soul and spirit meet, the place where joints and marrow meet. God’s word judges a person’s thoughts and intentions” (Heb 4:12).
The Word of God is able to penetrate people’s ears in the same way as a sword with precision and in a way that inflicts pain, in this case the pain of guilt. Such pain yields good results, just as a surgeon’s scalpel cuts away diseased flesh.
We are able to take up the SWORD of God’s Word as a weapon to use in our battle against Satan.
The SWORD of the Word of God is part of the armor believers are to put on each day as they fight against the powers of evil (Eph 6:17).
The SWORD is a symbol representing the power of God to fight the influences of evil and bring people to repentance, for it has “divine power to destroy strongholds” (2 Cor 10:4 ESV)
Thank you Papa Ofori Attah for the sword you graced our church with during the sword cutting two years ago.



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