Shotkode – Heavy

If you’re paying attention to World Map Records who know what’s good in the Ghanaian music industry, you would have heard the name ShotKode by now. And if you’re not, at least take label’s headliner act KK Fosu’s word for it that ShotKode is next up from the label to blow.

Things started to pop off for ShotKode with “Lizard” single that exploded in 2018, and he’s carried the momentum all the way into 2019.

ShotKode has been making a name for himself by performing, networking and, not surprisingly, created a large fanbase. He is back again with his latest single ‘Heavy’.

ShotKode’s ‘Heavy’ song is an upbeat and catchy Afrobeats track that’s bound to be the song for Christmas! It features a sizzling and seductive background layered with a contagious hook.

‘Heavy’ single is catchy and easy to vibe and dance to. Stay on the lookout for what ShotKode delivers next.

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