The World is not serious, you will be ignored if you come with all seriousness in your music – Nana Boroo

Ghanaian musician, Nana Boroo, now known as Berose 3Sixty, has made a shocking statement about how the trend of music has changed.

Nana Boroo, who was speaking in an interview with Doctar Cann on Happy FM, stated people will ignore musicians who come with much seriousness in their songs because the world is not serious.

He made this pronouncement when commenting on the criticisms from veteran musicians on the current songs being produced by the new crop of musicians.

“Sometimes I don’t understand these elderly ones when they complain about the new style of music. Every generation has what it brings on board. In the times of our parents, these musicians were doing something different from today.

“As I speak now, thirty years to come if my children are doing something different, I can’t complain about it. It is their era,” he said.

Nana Boroo added: “I hear them complain about the content of our music these days. We now live in a world where people are not serious. You can’t expect me to advise your child in my music. The world is not serious, so when you come with all seriousness in your music, you will be ignored.”

He further stated: “In past times, you will hardly see women expose their bodies and take pictures, but now it is all around social media”.

Nana Boroo also talked about the need for music fans to embrace change.

“If we don’t accept the change, we can’t move forward.

“Every 10 years, things change. So I can’t use my ‘Aha y3d3’ song to compare the type of music being done today which is largely centred around social media.

“That is why I am making music to fit into what is happening right now,” he emphasized.

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