“To have empathy is divine Folx, if you can’t feel it you no be Human” says Reggie Rockstone as he weeps for Akuapem Polo.

Reggie Rockstone posted a very emotional video urging Ghanaians to pray and have empathy for Akuapem Polo.

He confessed he was fasting and praying for her during the court days because most people would not understand how it feels to be a single mother.

He voiced that things are very rough as it is on the streets and Akuapem Polo doesn’t deserve this.

He weeps like a baby as he tells us he has daughters and she does not to be separated from her kid.

Children are on the streets begging and hustling and This mother is doing everything possible to support her kid singlehandedly. Akuapem Polo is doing her best and that is why she does not deserve this.

“So Ghanaians have some empathy” Reggie Rockstone states poignantly.

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