Kwame Eugene has decided to take off his dreads for Akuapem Polo.

Following Akuapem Polo’s conviction and sentencing, the Outspoken Actress has been trending wildly on social media.

The 90days sentencing for the Actress which has been viewed by many as harsh has caused a lot of celebrities to come out and express their opinions on social media.

And Kwame Eugene was no exception as he posted a tweet saying;

“I’m taking my dreads off tomorrow for Akuapem Polo”

This tweet has caused a lot of funny reactions from Ghanaians, with comments like;

”brema wo p3 Wo rasta bi atu a tu na gyai for Akuapem polo”

“How is taking the dreads off going to change the sentence”

“let me ask o, his hair ebi Rasta or passion twist”

“It’s a lie, emu b)n a ka and gyai nhwehweanimu nu”

”His mom asked him to take it off, he coming to put it on Akuapem polo”

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