[ WATCH ] Kumawood actors LilWin and Big Akwes engage in heated fight on live TV

Two of Ghana’s most popular Kumawood actors, Kwadwo Nkansah LilWin and Big Akwes, engaged in a heated fight on the June 17, 2023, edition of United Showbiz on UTV.

The argument began when Big Akwes made a submission about the recent donation of boreholes by musician Stonebwoy to some communities in the Western Region.

Big Akwes asserted that he would never engage in charity due to the attention and reward it brings.

“A lot of people who did certain things and put it out there have regretted,” he said.

LilWin interjected, calling Big Akwes out for being a hypocrite and a liar. He dared his colleague to back his claims with evidence, but Big Akwes, who felt incensed by the comment, responded with abusive words.

The argument escalated, and at one point, it appeared that the two actors would come to blows. The host, MzGee, was forced to take a break at a point in the show to allow the two actors to calm down.

After the break, Big Akwes explained that he gave up doing charity due to his own past experiences. He said that he had once donated provisions to an orphanage, only to find out that the orphanage had sold the provisions off for profit.

LilWin apologized for his earlier comments, but Big Akwes remained unconvinced. The two actors eventually agreed to disagree, but the incident left a sour taste in the mouths of many viewers.

The two actors also debated the state of the Kumawood film industry and the alleged blacklisting of veteran actor Agya Koo.

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