Western North Regional Minister praised for fixing Enchi-Dadieso road

Residents of Enchi and Dadieso in the Western North Region are heaping praises on the Regional Minister, Richard Joojo Obeng for fulfilling a promise he made to residents last year.

The Minister had promised residents he will ensure that the Enchi-Dadieso Road which is a major road in the region is fixed within the year.

Drivers who ply the road that links major towns in the cocoa-dominated region had demonstrated over the deplorable nature of the road. Pregnant women had on a number of occasions had miscarriages due to the bad nature of the road.

The drivers had complained they visited the mechanic shop several times due to the bad state of the road. One of the drivers who spoke to journalists said “the Regional Minister is a great man, he made a promise to us and within a year he has delivered on his promise”.

Another driver Yaw Samson said, “We use this road a lot, it’s a major road and considering how deplorable it was, we did not have hope, but today the Regional Minister has made us know that the Akufo-Addo government still thinks about us.”

The Western North Regional Minister, Richard Joojo Obeng on his part was excited about the completion of the road and promised that others in the region will be completed.

“Today we are witnessing something magnificent here in the region. This road which plays a major role in the region is being fixed, and we thank God for that”.

“I want to assure residents that more of such projects will be spread across this region,” he added.