Acting pays well in Ghana if you brand yourself well – Actress Victoria Lebene

Popular Ghanaian actress and brand influencer, Victoria Lebene claims that acting pays well in Ghana, depending on who is involved.

According to the actress, with effective branding, an actor or actress can command a high salary for their work but if you do not properly brand yourself, you will not get compensated for the work you do.

She made the statements while responding to a question from the host Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5 FM’s mid-morning broadcast.

“I am selective about the movies I do. That is okay for me. If you need to assess your work, you don’t have to look after every movie. You need to have a certain class, and that is what has worked for me. I love it that way.”

She also noted that she does not chase after every movie but assesses the script to know if it would be worth her time.

“If I meet a good script, I will accept it. A good script touches you personally. A good script is not one in which, after release, people will claim that it was a repeated story or a story that was stolen from another movie.”

As a result, she has advised actors and actresses who want to be paid highly to market themselves properly.

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