“Afrobeats is mostly about nothing, no substance” – Burna Boy

Grammy winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy says that most Afrobeat artists have no substance in the music they produce.

During an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music, Burna Boy stated that most Afrobeat artists have not had any life experiences so it makes their music empty.

He stated that he believes that music should be wrapped with life experience. He described the Afrobeat music genre as music full of excitement and entertainment with no life experiences.

Burna Boy described artists as people who have their own ups and downs in life and a person has their good days, bad days, and challenging times which envelopes the writing of music.

In his exact words, Burna Boy stated, “I don’t even know what to say, ‘Afrobeats’ as you people call it; it’s mostly about nothing. Literally, nothing. There’s no substance to it; everybody is just having a great time…”

This audacious statement has divided opinion among fans, critics, and fellow musicians. Some perceive Burna Boy’s critique as a sincere reflection on the lyrical depth of Afrobeats, while others suspect it might be a strategic move to generate buzz for his upcoming album.

Watch the video below;

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