Agorsor Brings peace to a defiant story through live African music

Agorsor Band has organically grown the reach of the Hugadem album, since it’s release. Within the first months of release, the band has traveled African culture through the airwaves; featuring on radio programs worldwide.

The album is filled with many nuggets of social messages.

On “I am not talking to you” for instance, the flute stands alone for a while, as it brings peace to a defiantly told story. This is then lifted by injecting the xylophone and percussions to create the right curve- an intersection that gives enough room to ponder on what has been sang by Nyornuwofia and prepare for what is to be said next.

Agorsor Band brings the music closer to you through a series of live performance videos. They perform “I am not talking to you” in a way that puts you right there with them.

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