AMA boss orders work on Makola Shopping Mall to stop

Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije
Dr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije is the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly


The Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, has ordered the suspension of work on the Makola Shopping Mall.

This follows the killing of a trader near the construction site last week.

Named only as Akweley, the deceased was said to be hawking near the site when one of the metal railings fell on her, killing her instantly.

Dr Vanderpuije told journalists on Monday, May 23 that his order was issued “so that it will give us time to review the safety measures around the construction”.

It is also “to ensure that we will not lose any lives as a result of the construction,” he added.

The death of trader Akweley has sent shivers down the spine of other traders, thus forcing them to call on authorities to force the construction workers to ensure safety measures.

The lethal metal is said to have been dropped accidently by one of the workers.

“Until we are satisfied that the contractor and all others involved are ensuring safety for the public,” AMA’s Chief Executive stressed, “we will not resume work on the site.”


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