“At my current age, men still love to have me. I’m hotter than fire.” – Rita Edochie reveals

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie recently took to social media to reminisce about her younger days, recalling the significant attention she received from men.

Rita displayed an AI-generated image of her younger self on social media, reflecting on her discerning mindset when it came to choosing a life partner. She noted that she found her ideal match at the age of 22.

In her Facebook post, the 59 year old revealed that even in her older years, she continues to attract male interest. With humor and confidence, she described herself as “hotter than fire” and emphasized her refusal to pursue what isn’t rightfully hers, contrasting it with the behavior of others who prioritize superficial attributes in relationships.

“The shocking thing is that at my current age now, men still love to have me, I’m hotter than fire, I’m a correct babe.

“Yet I still didn’t snatch what wasn’t mine but people that their breasts are bigger than their body will rush to claim someone’s else’s property and they wouldn’t allow us to hear words on social media”.

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