Ayisha Modi calls out Hajia4Reall’s ‘baby daddy’ over alleged US$10,000 debt

Investor cum socialite, Ayisha Modi, has alleged that the father of Hajia4Reall’s child, Latif, popularly known as ‘Loveman’, owes her a sum of US$10,000.

Sharing details of the development in a TikTok live video, Ayisha Modi claimed without evidence that sometime in 2020, she made a down payment of US$10,000 to Loveman for a house in Cantonments and has since not heard anything from him.

She said she later changed her mind about purchasing the house and requested for her cash but he has since blatantly refused to refund the money.

Ayisha Modi said she has been trying to get Loveman to refund her money for the past three years but to no avail.

“Loveman, I have respected you enough and it is enough. In 2020 Loveman posted a nice house on social media and I asked him, how much it was. He told me it cost US$240,000 and was located at Cantonments. He asked me to make a down payment of US$10,000 and I did just that. I sent him US$10,000. I later changed my mind and decided I wouldn’t buy the house anymore because I realized it was like the apartment type. I could even use that money to buy a full house at East Legon,” she fumed.

Ayisha Modi added that upon a series of back and forth, Latif asked her to get a buyer so her money would be refunded but she did not subscribe to that idea.

Ayisha said Loveman later told her that the estate developers said it is impossible for a client to retrieve a down payment if he or she fails to pull through with a purchase.

“Later, Loveman said he has to speak with the people first. Later, he came to tell me that I should get him a buyer and I refused. I have messages to all of these. He said once they get a buyer, he will refund me my US$10,000 down payment and that was all. To date, he has refused to pick up my calls. I have been calling him for the past three years and no answer. I have been asking for my money but to no avail. Giving me my down payment shouldn’t be a problem. He said per the agreement, if I make a down payment and I don’t buy the property, then it means the money cannot be refunded. Do you know what it takes to make US$10,000 in Ghana? I mentioned Hajia4Reall’s baby father so that everyone would know who I was referring to. Latiff I am giving you a last warning,” she added.

Describing Loveman as one who falsely parades himself as wealthy, Ayisha, threatened to expose him and any of his friends who would dare to defend him.

She added that although the issue had been reported to the police, they are yet to make headway in the case.

“If you are living abroad, don’t trust any motherfucker in Ghana. All the rich men in Ghana who reside in East Legon are fond of just packaging themselves. Don’t let me expose you guys. All the East Legon big men should try me and see what I am capable of. I have reported the issue to the police but unfortunately, they are jokers. That is why people resort to using landguards. Anytime they call Loveman he says he has travelled. Loveman, I am telling you that I am not one of those people you can defraud. I don’t want to go there with you,” she averred.

Meanwhile, Loveman is yet to respond to the said allegations.

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