Be circumspect in choosing a career – Prof. Apau Asante

Professor Eric Apau Asante, an Elder of the Church of Pentecost and the Deputy Youth Director of the Church has advised the youth to be circumspect in making career choices.

He said this when the Men Ministry of Pentecost International Worship Center – PIWC Obuasi organized an End of Year Lunch Summit under the theme; A Healthy Professional: Possessing the Industries for Christ.

The event saw in attendance the entire members of the centre, the Resident Minister, other ministry members from the Obuasi Area, Pro Ovr Dr Vincent Appiah, and the Deputy Director of the Youth Ministry – Elder Professor Eric Apau Asante who was the special guest speaker for the occasion.

In his opening address, the Center PEMEM Leader – Elder Desmond Addison who is also the Area Deacon and the National Coordinator for Schools and Outreach Ministry mentioned that the centre provides items and cash support for the aged, needy, vulnerable, widows and widowers at the end of every year.

However, the leadership of the ministry decided to change the face of the event for the benefit of all. The ministry, therefore, decided to have a feast with all members of the center including the groups mentioned above, and to take advantage of the event to treat salient topics such as career guidance and counseling, emerging opportunists in Obuasi, and a healthy lifestyle.

Elder Prof. Eric Appau Asante, being an astute educationalist, an Associate Professor of Educational Innovations, the Director of e-Learning at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and the immediate past Head of the Department of Educational Innovations in Science and Technology admonished the youth to very careful in the selection, of course, they choose to pursue. He touched on the various course that can be pursued in pursuance of their related career and professions.

Above all he made a profound statement, saying that the youth should not dream of a profession, they should rather make their grades speak for them.

The Presiding Elder for the centre, Elder Emmanuel Baidoo who is also the Senior Sustainability Manager for AngloGold Ashanti treated the topic of emerging opportunities in Obuasi. Amongst other employment opportunities the company brings to the youths and people of Obuasi, he concentrated on the farming opportunities the company brings to the indigence since all the employees and their dependents being employed will need food to survive. He, therefore, advised the men to take advantage and venture into farming which is now one of the lucrative industries in Ghana.

Dr. Vincent Appiah lectured on the topic; Stay healthy to Possess the Nation. He took the attendees through the complex structural make-up of the human body and spoke on certain myths ongoing in the media space by some self-professed medical practitioners.

He stressed on myths such as your brain and nerves can be fully regenerated, a burning sensation in the chest means you have a heart attack, Your whole body is filled with phlegm, A hernia can be liquefied and You need a cleanser for your body – blood, liver, and kidneys.

He said, “hernia or herniation is described as a protrusion through a weakness in the body so if a drug promises to liquefy your groin/abdominal hernia, then it must be a dangerous drug”. He also mentioned that the Liver has powerful regeneration whiles the Kidneys just need enough water. Dr. Appiah again talked about Healthy Living Practices such as having adequate sleep, adequate hydration (3L for the active adult male), a balanced diet with Low Sugar, Low Salt, and Low Fat in the diet at the right time, having an active lifestyle with frequent exercise and psychosocial wellness. He also recommended consistency in lifestyle modifications and medications for chronically ill people.

The ministry as part of the program organized a get-together for participants as well as making cash donations to selected individuals.