‘Bedwetting Celebrity’ – Harrysong’s ex-wife calls him out

Alexer Peres, the ex-wife of Nigerian singer Harrysong, has vehemently responded to his recent accusations of infidelity during their marriage.

Harrysong publicly alleged that Alexer was unfaithful and had conceived a child with another man while they were married. Moreover, he made derogatory comments about Alexer’s mother, suggesting she had been married more than seven times and was currently engaged in extramarital affairs.

In response, Alexer took to Instagram Live to directly address Harrysong’s allegations and later supplemented her response with updates on her Instagram stories. She refuted all of Harrysong’s claims, questioning why he brought her mother into their personal disputes and urging him to let go and move forward.
Furthermore, Alexer divulged intimate details, including naming a few women whom Harrysong allegedly dated during their marriage. She also accused him of domestic violence, shedding light on the challenges she faced behind closed doors.
Amidst her defense, Alexer revealed the emotional toll of her marriage, disclosing that she endured numerous infections while trying to make the relationship work, only to realize later that she was with the wrong person.

In the end, she determined that the marriage was not viable, having faced significant challenges throughout their union. She disclosed that her ex-husband struggled with bedwetting, and her mother had six children with different men, among other revelations.

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